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Explore a diverse range of artistic services offered by Alexandra Hayes. From painting to art direction to make-up, our multidisciplinary artist brings you unique creations infused with spiritual energy and magic. Discover how we can transform your projects into unforgettable visual experiences. Contact us to find out more about our customized artistic services.



My make-up service is much more than a simple transformation. It's a celebration of inner beauty, where each face becomes my living canvas. Guided by my intuition as a make-up magician, I use color palettes inspired by dreams and legends to reveal your inner light. Whether it's for a special event, a photo shoot or simply to reveal yourself to the world, I'm here to make you shine. Explore my make-up service and discover how you can shine from the inside out.


Art Direction

Entrust me with the power to bring your artistic vision to life. With the soul of an alchemist and the creativity of a magician, I'll transform your projects into unforgettable visual experiences. Whether in fashion, photography or film, I infuse a touch of magic and artistic mystery into every step of the process. Discover how my artistic alchemy can transform your concept into a captivating reality.



Are you looking for an artistic soul to embody your projects? As a model, I'm committed to merging with your artistic vision. My versatility and passion for creativity make me an invaluable ally in turning your ideas into reality. Whether it's photography, painting or any other form of artistic expression, I'm ready to collaborate with you to create works that transcend time. Explore my role as an artistic model and discover how I can enrich your projects.



Painting is my secret language, a magical elixir where I transform darkness into radiant light. Each brushstroke is an incantation, each canvas a doorway to a mystical world. Guided by the alchemy of my soul, I tell deep, emotional stories, revealing the hidden beauty of darkness. My canvases are imbued with poetry and mystery, where every color, every shape has a meaning. Immerse yourself in my artistic universe, and let the alchemy of artistic transformation invade you through my creations.