Meet the artist

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Alexandra Hayes and let the magic of her art sweep you away. 

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Alchemist Artist

Alexandra hayes

Welcome to the magical and captivating world of Alexandra Hayes, a multi-disciplinary artist whose creativity transcends the boundaries of art, make-up and art direction. Immerse yourself in Alexandra's spellbinding world, where spiritual energy blends with artistic alchemy to transform darkness into incredible luminosity.

Alexandra Hayes is much more than an artist. She's an alchemist of the soul, a master of color and a creator of dreamlike worlds. Her talent transcends artistic disciplines, uniting painting, make-up and art direction in spellbinding harmony.

As a make-up magician, Alexandra Hayes transforms faces into living canvases. She captures the essence of each person and reveals their inner beauty through color palettes inspired by dreams and legends. Make-up becomes a form of artistic expression, a celebration of the uniqueness of each individual.

Let yourself be enchanted by this exceptional artist who, like an alchemist, transforms darkness into light, creating works that touch hearts and souls. Welcome to the magical, spiritual world of Alexandra Hayes.